And The Best Supporting Actor Goes To...

I love a good story, whether it’s in a movie, a TV show or a book. One of the things I enjoy most is putting myself into the story and living vicariously through the characters. Inevitably, I always end up choosing the main character. They tend to beat the bad guy, get the girl and earn the praise of everyone else. It’s really easy to fall into this mindset and put yourself at the center of your universe.

When it comes to this life though, we are not the main character. God is. In every Bible story, in every aspect of our lives now, and in everything to come, God is the main character, but we have been given the privilege of being a part of that story and spreading the good news of the Gospel across the globe. It’s an opportunity to bring those in darkness into the light and become a part of the greatest story ever told.

I love how JD Greear expresses this thought. He says that we need to have a Copernican change in our thinking about how we fit into the biblical narrative. Just like the realization that the Sun does not revolve around the Earth, we have to realize that the universe does not revolve around us.

Once we put God at the center of our universe and become content in our role as disciples, we can truly live the Christian life.

This shift in thinking does not come easily, but it is essential to our hearts and minds conforming to Christ. I think John 3:30 puts it best:

“He must decrease, but I must decrease.”

I would love nothing more than to put this verse into practice and make my supporting role the performance of a lifetime, showing the world that He is the one who can offer them eternal life, and He is the one who has sacrificed His life that they could know Him.


Alex Compton has been attending Redemption for about four years and is recently married to his wife Danielle. He is currently our Director of Kid's Ministry and is a member of the South Park West Community Group.