For the Church

Sermon Summary


September 23, 2018

Shawn Stinson



John 17


Big Idea For Week 2: As Christ is For the Church and its unity, so should we.

  • Laser Beam vs. Spotlight example
    • Both may have the same electrical power requirements. The difference is unity.

  • The Power of ONE

    • Jesus shows us there is great power when the body of Christ is truly ONE.

    • When the world sees the Church being ONE, they will know that Jesus was sent from His Father (that His incarnation was true), and that the Father loves the world as He loves Jesus. Both of these truths are life-changing, eternity changing truths.

    • In John 17, Jesus teaches us that as the Church, we are called to share His love and concern for the Church and to help be the solution of His concern by recognizing the


      • Our Common Privilege: In vss. 6-8, Jesus asserts our common privilege as those who have received His revelation of the Father.
      • Our Common Status: Next, in vss. 6, 9-12, Jesus asserts our common status, which is owned by God and kept by Him.
      • Our Common Challenge: Next in vss. 14-19, Jesus asserts our common challenge of the opposition and hatred we will experience in the world, and our need to maintain our distinction from the world.
      • Our Common Union: Finally, in vss. 20-23, Jesus asserts our common union with each other, and with Him and the Father. He shows us that our unity as the Church reveals the unity that He has with the Father. This should lead us to demonstrating an incarnational unity that reveals the unity of Christ and the Father. And as we have already discussed, this unity will declare to the world that the Father sent Christ, and that the Father loves the world as He loves Jesus.


Application/ Thoughts To Ponder:


1. How does the recognition of common privilege, status, challenge and union impact how you view and relate to other believers?


2.How should it influence how we pray for each other?


3.How should it motivate our cooperation with and support of each other?


4.How should it temper our thoughts of each other?


5.How does the connection of the world’s beliefs about the Father’s love and purpose in Christ to our unity/disunity shape how we interact publicly?




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