From Receiving to Giving


Sermon Summary


October 21, 2018

Shawn Stinson





Q&A Panel With Leadership on New YMCA Space




Philippians 2:3-8




  • Wired to consume, stats on American consumption
  • To follow Jesus means to think of others as he did
  • Sin wants to keep us selfish
  • Through Christ we have the capacity to give our lives for others
  • Selflessness is a community experience, not an individual goal
  • The measure of Christian maturity is the capacity to be others focused




“The Christian way of life does not take away our lonelieness; it protects and cherishes it as a precious gift.” Henri Nouwen


“For a deep understanding of our own pain makes it possible for us to convert our weakness into strength and to offer our own experiences as a source of healing to those who are often lost in the darkness of their own misunderstood sufferings.” Henri Nouwen


Sending Questions


  • What keeps you from being others focused and giving your self to others?
  • How does seeing Jesus humble himself under God and under humans help us follow his way?
  • How can this community strive to be others-centered?




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