What If We Weren't Afraid Anymore?

If you’ve ever asked me for book recommendations, you’ve probably heard me mention my love for Bob Goff. I love him because he follows Jesus in a way that I’ve never seen in anybody else - he doesn’t over complicate it and tries to focus on becoming love in every situation. Recently, I was reading his newest book which describes a time he was asked the following: If he could essentially pick 6 words describing his life when he died, what would they be? His words were, “What if we weren’t afraid anymore?”

Six simple words, one simple concept - but those six little words could literally change someone’s entire life. What would my walk with Jesus look like if I wasn’t afraid?

The Bible mentions the words “fear not” over 300 times. Woah!

God reminds us literally hundreds of times in his word not to be afraid, yet I constantly question that. For example, I don’t post the Bible verse that inspired me because I’m afraid someone might think I’m a hypocrite. I don’t say "hi" to that new face in the hallway because I’m scared they might not want to talk to me. I don’t help someone on the street because I’m afraid they may hurt me. In my life and walk with Jesus, fear is what holds me back. Fear is what keeps me from jumping in head first, living a life of freedom and reckless abandon for Him, and knowing He has already won our battles.

 I think one of the biggest fears I have is a fear of imperfection. If I’m not perfect, how can I tell anyone else to live his or her life more like Jesus? If I don’t do something perfectly, will people think I’m a failure? I think it’s easy to try to make yourself a “better person,” instead of just praying to God that you’ll become more like Jesus. I’m never going to be a perfect person, but I have a God who is molding me into who he intended - a person who looks more like His perfect Son. It’s never going to be perfect on this Earth - in fact, it won’t even be close - but I should live without fear of failing because we have a God who has planned our path for us and who is strong for us when we are weak.

 This unfortunately is not one of those blog posts where I have all the answers and can now share them with you. Quite the opposite here, I struggle with fear every single day in the biggest and the tiniest of ways. But I do know we have a God who is bigger than our fears. We have a God who has conquered the grave and will one day wipe us clean of all our fear and trepidation. I think the more we remind each other of that, the more boldly we will live our lives in Jesus. Let Psalms 118:6 fill your heart in a new way today:

“The Lord is on my side; I will not fear. What can man do to me?”


Wyeth Augustine has been attending Redemption with her husband Casey since 2016. She serves on the Worship Team, Kids Ministry and is a member of South Park Community Group.