• Just as joy doesn't require the absence of sadness, so peace doesn't require the absence of trial.

    Christian peace is a rightness of relationship with God and a rightness in relationship with others that manifests in a contented soul security that is able to weather any trial, suffering, or sin. Because peace is not based in circumstance, perfect conditions are not required for peace to be enjoyed.

    If you are anxious,  remember and enjoy God's work on our behalf, and pursue the confidence of faith to trust God even when we can't see clearly.

  • Joy is not optional for the Christian who believes in God. It is commanded and it is expected. But also, having joy doesn't dismiss some of our most common emotional experiences like sadness and grief.

    We look at four of the most pervasive killers of joy, and consider what it means to fight for joy in the commonness of today's cynicism and disappointment

  • Last Sunday we  looked at the foundation of love. Love is not all we need. But if we don't have love, our words will lack power, our faith is nothing, and our sacrifices will matter little. Love is that crucial for all of life, and for our emotional health.

  • Jesus prays for the future unity of the church in his final farewell to his disciples. He prays that the church would be unified in faith, so that the world would believe in him.

    So if the church is not unified like Jesus prays, the world will have limited view and great challenge in believing in the works of God.

  • Jesus's words to the disciples in John 15 are some of the most important and foundational truths for a joyful, fruitful, and godly life today.

    It's hard to overstate the power of a godly life, and it's shocking how underutilized we live in relation to the presence of God with us wherever we go. Take a few minutes to read John 15 this weekend and meditate on what God is speaking to you in this season.

  • We begin the advent season this Sunday with a great encouragement from Jesus's last words to his friends. In a time of great uncertainty and confusion, we can be confident and secure in the words of Jesus to not let our hearts be troubled, but to believe in God and trust His plan.

    As always this is easier said than lived, but the Gospel message and the life and words of Jesus are a great source of inspiration for us as we press into this expectant season together.

  • This weekend's Scripture of John 12 builds momentum as Jesus sets his purpose toward the cross.  How contrary is it to our natural experience that God would exemplify a perfect human life by giving, serving, and dying to show the ideal form for us to follow?

  • In John 10, Jesus draws contrast between His voice and the voice of dissenters. Thieves steal, robbers take, strangers confuse. But only Jesus gives, provides and clarifies.

    Jesus is not like other leaders. Where others take, Jesus gives. Where others leave, Jesus stays. Where others confuse, Jesus clarifies.