• Leading into Easter this year, I wanted to have a bit more lead up to why we had such reason to celebrate the resurrection, and why it is such great news for us. God is good, and he is kind, and he works all things for his glory. As we study these questions, through the lens of the death and resurrection of Jesus, we can have great hope and great confidence in God.

  • To wrap up our series on the fruit of the Spirit, guest pastor Jim Kallam will be preaching on the connection between spiritual and emotional health.

  • Gentleness is not a synonym for timidity or cowardice. Gentleness is an active character trait of attitude. It is an approach and lifestyle that builds trust with others while also influencing them towards the life of God.

    Hear the gentleness of God toward us, that we would more perfectly live godly and mercifully to the watching world.

  • Faithfulness is not necessarily sexy. Unlike love, joy, peace or even self-control - there is no nationwide movement for people to be more faithful. However, the Bible speaks abundantly about God's faithfulness and his desire for his people to practice faithfulness

  • As you think about the Christian character of goodness, I'd expect you would say it is a quality that someone possesses rather than an action they live.

    As we read the Bible though we see that goodness is kindness and empathy in action. The life of Jesus can never be divorced from a life of service and readiness of action to others.

  • Christians used to be known primarily for being "nice" people. It's the Christian way. Yet today, Christians seem to be known more for being opinionated and dogmatic.

    Last Sunday we looked at the character trait of kindness, and yes it is far more than being a pleasant, nice person

  • In a world of free same day delivery, Christian patience, endurance, and forbearance are principles of the past.

    As we read the Bible together, we will see that patience is not just an ancient practice, but a godly response to the sin in our life, provocation from others, and trusting God in trying circumstances.

  • Just as joy doesn't require the absence of sadness, so peace doesn't require the absence of trial.

    Christian peace is a rightness of relationship with God and a rightness in relationship with others that manifests in a contented soul security that is able to weather any trial, suffering, or sin. Because peace is not based in circumstance, perfect conditions are not required for peace to be enjoyed.

    If you are anxious,  remember and enjoy God's work on our behalf, and pursue the confidence of faith to trust God even when we can't see clearly.

  • Joy is not optional for the Christian who believes in God. It is commanded and it is expected. But also, having joy doesn't dismiss some of our most common emotional experiences like sadness and grief.

    We look at four of the most pervasive killers of joy, and consider what it means to fight for joy in the commonness of today's cynicism and disappointment

  • Last Sunday we  looked at the foundation of love. Love is not all we need. But if we don't have love, our words will lack power, our faith is nothing, and our sacrifices will matter little. Love is that crucial for all of life, and for our emotional health.