• By Casey Augustin


    I have been in 10+ weddings, walked countless roommates through some of the funniest and hardest times of relationships, and have been called upon for advice on how to handle the emotional triggers and turmoil of being newly married – but not yet been married myself.  The saying “Always a bridesmaid, never the bride” rings true to me. But wait, I’m a dude! Aren’t I supposed to want to be single and not have to worry about these things? Live out wanderlust, see the world and be messy? The thing is, that has been the furthest thing from my desire...

  • 1. Small “sins” lead to great depravity

    2. God’s heart is for your heart, not your correct religious activity

    3. If you desire a Godly life, you must strive to live for God daily....

  • By Jeremy Carr


    “God made me fast. And when I run, I feel His pleasure. ”

    ― Eric Liddell, Scottish Olympic runner


    I was raised in a musical family and came to faith at an early age. However, during my high school and college years I stepped away from the faith for a season and pursued a career in music. During college, I experienced a turning point, returning to the faith, and wrestling with how to reconcile my creative pursuits with my faith convictions...

  • 1.   God works in the mess. There is security in the chaos.

    2.   God’s means are grace. God is a good Father, not malevolent.

    3.   God moves through individuals. This is a call to action for the church mobilized....


  • By Pastor Shawn


    Welcome to the new Redemption Blog. For the last year we have been dreaming about producing, curating and sharing great content online and we are so excited to officially launch it to you today.


    There are two main reasons we are expanding our website and blog: voices and vision.


    The greatest assets to Redemption Church are the people. The men and women who serve, teach, shepherd, and lead. Our strength is in the hearts of the men and women who care for the body of Redemption...