• As we crossed the border, I wondered what my impact on this trip would be. Would my limited Spanish get me anywhere? Could I swing a hammer? What does God want me to learn?


  • We have no problem being promotional about a great many products, restaurants, and experiences, and yet our love for Jesus doesn't seem to propel us into even a nominal attempt to share the Gospel on a regular basis. Let's press in together.

  • Without delay, and without fear, we must consider the calling to pursue and practice worship of God in all areas of our life.

  • Living for the Kingdom isn’t easy.  It was never told to us that it would be.  But we aren’t left to fend for ourselves. Jesus calls us to come and find rest in Him, to learn and grow beside Him, and find joy as the character and sacrifice of Christ is revealed and made known to our hearts.


  • It's a question we often wonder, sometimes in our minds and sometimes with our words: Does prayer work? We find ourselves praying more frequently in the corona crisis, so how does God intend us to know him in prayer and conversation?

  • What is godly living in a world of so much uncertainty and confusion?

    God has not left us alone or uninformed on how our present lives can be lived with purpose and godliness, even in the midst of challenges and suffering.

  • What is God doing? It’s one of the least answered questions in this pandemic era. As we jump back into Daniel for the next three weeks we see at the end of the book that the spiritual reality is far greater and more dynamic than we can possibly understand.

  • Church, this isn't the way I imagined Easter weekend going this year. But the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus is just as true in our homes as it is when we are gathered together for worship.

  • Daniel had a reputation as a man of prayer.   In Daniel 6 we learned that his peers and the leaders of the Mede-Persia empire, knowing that Daniel petitioned his God daily, tried to have him killed by decreeing a law against such acts.   In Daniel 9, nearing the end of his life, we hear one of these prayers to God. Join us this Sunday as we learn from Daniel how to pray to the God whom he described as “great and awesome!”