• One of my favorite things about the gospel is that it allows us all to be part of family in the way God designed it to be. The Church, from the beginning, was always intended to be a family. A unified body with one common goal of worshipping Jesus and bringing the gospel to the ends of the Earth. We see it all throughout the New Testament. We see adopted brothers and sisters with the same kind, gracious Father, and Jesus Christ as the first born.

  • This time of year thankfulness gets a bit trendy. I don’t mean that as a criticism. If there is a trend I’m glad is on the rise, even seasonally, it’s thankfulness.  If anything, it’s a nice break from things like, the “selfie.”...

  • "What would it look like if God began to change your heart and not just your circumstance? What would it look like if God began to use you in in way, that while you don't have great power, you have a great God ?"

  • A few weeks ago, undoubtedly, you heard some sort of news about how the Chicago Cubs baseball club won their first World Series in 108 years and did so in a fantastic storybook way. Days later, millions of people filled the streets of their city to celebrate such a historic victory with a parade meant for kings returning from a great conquest...

  • Better to be close to Jesus in our failures than far away from Him in our triumphs. Faith is messy, and can have periods of doubt, misunderstanding, fear, and cowardice just as much as seasons of understanding, intimacy, and courage.

  • If you weren’t with us Sunday, we launched our new 2017 Community Group vision and mission.


    Our goal: To plant a Community Group in each historic neighborhood of Charlotte.


    Our vision: To have transformational community with missional clarity....

  • It doesn’t take a perfectly planned speech, just aligning your heart to God’s heart and a willingness to simply be with people. That’s the best part – God does all the work; we just have to show up.