• God is asking us to pursue worthy living according to His word. Both who we are in character, and what we do in action make up the worthy life of God.


    Check out our Sermon Summary on Showing God Through Church Unity.

  • I’m not sure if you’re aware, but there is a personality test called the enneagram. It is a personality test and is unique in a couple of ways: it quantifies your personality into a number and it tells you how you relate to yourself and other people. The numbers range from 1-9; however, I’m going to focus on number 2. Where the enneagram is concerned, twos are “The Helper” and  yours truly is an enneagram 2. To give you a general concept of enneagram 2, here is an excerpt of the description:

  • Whether you have followed Jesus for many years, or are just considering what it means to be a Christ follower, the gospel frees us and gives us power to step forward in faith.

  • About this time last year, Shawn shared a simple practice that he uses to remind himself over the course of a week or month to pray for or check in on people with whom he wants to be intentional. He simply sets a reminder on his phone to recur every few days or weeks, and is therefore periodically reminded of that person and their prayer request, and is pushed to pray for them. He challenged us to adopt this same practice if there was something that we need to be reminded about...

  • Last Sunday we heard the good word of God's continued work in His church today to display His wisdom through murderers and sinners, and to magnify the greatness of Jesus.

  • The book of Ephesians so far has given us a radical view of reconciliation, restoration and inclusion across racial, ethnic, and socio-economic lines.
    Last Sunday, we see the example of Paul being particularly gifted and shaped for a ministry across the Jew and Gentile racial divide. And God’s grace was given to him for others. God entrusted this great message to Paul with intention that he would display it in his life and words.

  • Like me as a parent, the world certainly wants us to stay asleep in our beds instead of taking full advantage of our freedom. The world definitely does not want me to awaken others to the freedom that can be found in Christ...

  • Through Christ, we have amazing opportunity to demonstrate inclusiveness across race, class, and age. How would the world be transformed if the church took hold of this truth and lived it out across our city?

  • It’s not hard to see the challenges of racial separation, religious distinction, age differentiation, and social classism at work against unity in the church today.

    But in Christ we have peace. He is our peace, and when we know Christ, we know a new family and a new community that is distinctly marked by radically new relationships.