Member Blog Posts

Enjoy some blog posts written by our members about a variety of topics.

  • I’ve been a team leader with RnB for about a year and a half now.  I had no idea it existed, and only found out about it because my community group at the time (Center City) and the Cotswold group did a joint serving event together.  I had been trying to find an outlet for serving in Charlotte, while also seeking a group / people who differed from me (older, had more experience in their faith, had different life experiences, etc.).  It just so happens that I found both.


  • Five years ago, I had the privilege of spending a month and a half in Jos, Nigeria. Jos is a city located north east of the capital Abuja and what would normally be about a two hour drive. However, with multiple checkpoints, bumpy terrain, and traffic, this is every bit of a 4 hour trek to the plateau of Jos. I went with an organization based out of Cincinnati, Ohio called Back2Back. They partner with local children’s homes (orphanages) and help to support those already engaged in the work of caring for the orphan child.


  • As we crossed the border, I wondered what my impact on this trip would be. Would my limited Spanish get me anywhere? Could I swing a hammer? What does God want me to learn?


  • Living for the Kingdom isn’t easy.  It was never told to us that it would be.  But we aren’t left to fend for ourselves. Jesus calls us to come and find rest in Him, to learn and grow beside Him, and find joy as the character and sacrifice of Christ is revealed and made known to our hearts.


  • Thin, metal trellises adorn the concrete columns at the entrance of the Dowd YMCA. Each trellis supports a live plant, providing structure and direction for the vine to grow. I have enjoyed seeing these on Sundays – each one is a simple yet distinct reminder of the purpose and ministry of the church. Let me explain.