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  • Snapchat. Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. Snap it, or it didn’t happen. Post it, or no one will know about it, right?


    In today’s world, we don’t want to miss out on what’s happening, and it’s easy to want to share all the fun we’re having. Sometimes we look at what other people are doing or posting and may ask, “Why isn’t my life as cool as theirs?” We wake up every day hoping someone will text us asking, “Want to do something today?” and end up hoping we don’t miss out on something others are enjoying. This is FOMO - the anxiety-ridden, stress-causing acronym otherwise known as the “Fear of Missing Out.”

  • Peter does not outline a list of qualifications, such as, “if you have time” or “when it’s convenient for you.” Christians must seek to serve God, to be like Christ, at any time, even when it is inconvenient.,,