Community Group Update: Cotswold

We're excited to take the next few weeks to update our church body about our Community Groups across the city. Look forward to an update from each of our individual leaders about their groups' mission, service and activities.

The Cotswold Community Group meets to celebrate Jesus and lift each other up. We want to see each other learn, grow, and go­ – that’s our motto. We believe that fostering a community of openness and vulnerability is essential to achieving this mission and seeing our vision come to life.

Each week, we have one person share their "Redemption Story" with the rest of the group. This openness has paved the way for deeper discussions and a true sense of community within our group. Additionally, it’s important to us that every time we meet, we not only talk about the past Sunday's sermon, but prioritize a topic(s) that someone in the group wants to talk about. These have ranged from talking to co-workers to family situations to sin/temptation in our own lives. 

The last Tuesday of each month we like to get out and do something aside from our normal group meeting. We enjoy participating in trivia nights (we have two, top-three finishes!), have had a Chips & Dips night, Game Nights and other Fellowships nights so far this year.

We volunteer at the Charlotte Men's Shelter once per month, usually a Thursday, to assist in serving dinner. We’re also involved with the New Leaf Foundation, a nonprofit organization lead by one of our Community Group members, Laura Gennings. Most recently, we helped prepare for their spring growing season by turning the soil and planting seeds. 

While we are still deciding how to best spend our group’s $1,000, we have several ideas on how we can use it to give back to the Cotswold area and are excited to put those ideas into action soon.


The Cotswold Community Group meets Tuesdays at 7:30 p.m. and is lead by David Pugh. Interested in learning more about the Cotswold Community Group?  Contact

David was born and raised outside Detroit in a strong God fearing family. From a young age he could tell you what it meant to be a follower of Christ but it wasn't until much later that he understood what it was to live out his faith. Over the past few years, he has seen the greatness and grace of God. The Redemption Community has been instrumental in the building of his faith. He is the leader of the Cotswold Community Group.