Community Group Update: Huntersville


We're excited to take the next few weeks to update our church body about our Community Groups across the city. Look forward to an update from each of our individual leaders about their groups' mission, service and activities.

I have been asked to write a short blog about the Huntersville Group and what we have been up to lately.


Our group enjoys gathering together for fellowship, service, and accountability. I asked our members how they would describe our group and one reply I received said:  “We are a small and weird group with lots of kids.” Seems about right; I will go with that answer. And in case you’re wondering, we currently have 8 kids in our group, two of which are middle schoolers.  By Redemption standards, that’s a lot of kids. Come by and visit and we may put you to work watching our kids.


All kidding aside, we generally rotate between studying the previous Sunday’s message or doing a book or video series.  Currently, we have enjoyed studying the We Are The Church sermon series, and are looking forward to the upcoming series on the book of James. 


Missions outreach in Huntersville remains one of the key objectives for the Huntersville Group.  This summer we have several ideas on how to serve Huntersville and get to better know our neighbors.  Some of the ideas we are currently exploring include one or more neighborhood-centered picnics/cookouts and partnering with a local ministry that serves a small trailer park.




The Huntersville Community Group meets the first three Sundays of each month at 5:30 p.m.   The first Sunday is potluck Sunday and is devoted to fellowship with one another. The group is lead by Tim Balts. Interested in learning more about the Huntersville Community Group? Contact

Tim and Kim grew up in Alaska and attended school at Oregon State and Syracuse University.   In 2002, they moved to the Charlotte region. Tim and Kim have four kids, and have been attending Redemption since the Spring of 2011. They are excited about the future of the Huntersville Community Group and to see where Christ is leading them.  Through their life’s journey, they continue to be awed by the love of Christ for His Church, and Christ’s completed redemptive work on the Cross.