Community Group Update: South Park


We're excited to take the next few weeks to update our church body about our Community Groups across the city. Look forward to an update from each of our individual leaders about their groups' mission, service and activities.

“Grow Deep Roots”…


Back in January our group came up with some guiding values and a mission we wanted to practice/pursue for the year. These would be specific to our group, but align with the church’s overall vision. We determined that we wanted to “Grow Deep Roots,” both as a community and as individuals in the gospel. This means to grow in spiritual maturity, to challenge our faith in new ways, and to be even more engrafted in to the life of Christ- our True Vine.


We are a fairly active group, with different social activities and shared meals each month. We hope to continue that throughout the summer for those in town. We have a collective desire to serve seniors in our area (widows, widowers, those in nursing homes, etc.) and are in the process of establishing a relationship with a living community in the area. Although it strays from the more typical focus on serving the economically marginalized, we realized that there are other very prevalent people groups who are marginalized in different ways, and seniors came quickly to mind. In Acts 6 we learn the importance of the church to meet the need of widows, and so this is our own participation in community with this group

This will likely be the place that we invest our time and money in service of our neighbors. We’d be grateful to have you join us – we will be meeting again in August, Tuesday evenings at 7:30 pm in the South Park area!




The South Park Community Group meets Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. The group is lead by Brandon Holmes. Interested in learning more about the South Park Community Group? Contact

Brandon Holmes is a native of Charlotte. He leads our discipleship ministry, including overseeing our Discipleship Pods and leads the South Park Community Group. He also guest preaches and has been known to drop the occasional spoken word during a Sunday service. Brandon loves trying out different restaurants all across the city and bike riding uptown. He has been a member of Redemption since 2013.