Congregations For Kids: How We Can Help

We were thankful to have Madisson of Congregations for Kids come speak to us last Sunday about the Foster Care crisis in Charlotte. There are many ways we can help at the individual, family and Community Group level. Check out a recap of the needs below and some actionable next steps.

The Reality

Each year, around 20,000 young people age out of foster care without permanent families. As a result, these youth have a higher likelihood of experiencing homelessness, unemployment and incarceration as adults.

Of those that age out...

  • 70% of young women will be pregnant before age 21.
  • 60% of young men will be convicted of a crime.
  • 50% will develop substance dependence.
  • 96-97% will not earn a college degree.

Right now in Mecklenburg County...

  • Over 18,000 calls to report suspected child abuse or neglect each year.
  • 565 children in foster care and 57 active/licensed families.
  • 45 true orphans: children waiting to be adopted with no identified placement.
  • 40+ children on a trajectory to age out of the foster care system.

How Can We Help

  • Foster
    • CFK recruits and trains Foster Parents in Mecklenburg County.
  • Mentor
    • CFK provides avenues for mentoring of older foster youth through our Weekend Miracles Program. (See presentation below for details)
  • Serve
    • CFK comes alongside DDS to support and celebrate Child Welfare social workers through our Socialight program. (See presentation below for details)
    • CFK partners with churches and groups to host events such as: back to school events, social worker breakfasts, Youth Summit and more. There are volunteer needs for these events.
    • Commit to praying over the CFK ministry and youth in our community.
  • Give
    • Financial Partnership
    • Gift-in-Kind Donations
    • Community Connections (restaurants, venues, meetings spaces,etc.)

 As Madisson said "Everyone can do something, what's your something?"

Check Out the Whole Presentation Below

Open PDF here.

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Reach out to Nicole Taylor, Executive Director with CFK, for questions: