Create and Cultivate

“God made me fast. And when I run, I feel His pleasure. ”

― Eric Liddell, Scottish Olympic runner

I was raised in a musical family and came to faith at an early age. However during my high school and college years, I stepped away from the faith for a season and pursued a career in

music. During college, I experienced a turning point, returning to the faith, and wrestling with how to reconcile my creative pursuits with my faith convictions. Like many other returning “prodigals,” I was quick to jettison so much of my former life, tossing out CDs and wanting to neglect musical opportunities in order to “serve the Lord.” I failed to understand how God created me, and how I could honor him with my creativity. To re-phrase Liddell’s quote:

“God made me creative. And when I create, I feel His pleasure.”

While it may be wise to halt creative pursuits for a season in order to commune with God through prayer and to gain wisdom through counsel, neglecting creativity altogether seems to ignore God-given opportunities to reflect the image of God and display redemption in light of the gospel.

The first sentence of the Bible tells us that God is Creator, that He created everything out of

nothing (Gen. 1:1). The pinnacle of His creation is man and woman as image bearers, reflecting His character and displaying His glory. God then commissions His image-bearers to “be fruitful and multiply, fill the earth and subdue it, and have dominion…” (Gen. 1:28). In essence: create and cultivate.

Part of the fallenness of mankind is that we neglect to create and cultivate. Sadly, even in

Christian faith, we can push aside opportunities to create and cultivate in the name of discipleship. As I reflected on these truths over the past year, I’ve grown in my understanding of what it means to create and cultivate as an image-bearer of God redeemed in Christ.

In the show Parks and Recreation, Ron Swanson once said, “Creativity is for people with

glasses who like to lie.” I couldn’t disagree more. Creativity may be one of the best ways we

reflect the character of God.

How has God wired you? What do you enjoy doing? What areas has he placed you to thrive in your wiring and bring glory to him and serve others? Prayerfully consider your wiring and the opportunities you have. Create and cultivate for God’s glory, our joy, and the advancement of the gospel.


Jeremy Carr grew up in a creative arts community in Augusta, Georgia, involved with music and drama from an early age. After completing a Bachelors in Music, he attended seminary earning a Masters of Divinity and a Masters of Theology. Jeremy became a church planter with the Acts 29 network in 2007 and founded Redemption Church in Augusta, GA. He is author of the book Sound Words: Listening to the Scriptures. Jeremy and his family moved to Charlotte in 2016 to join the Redemption team.