Daniel: The Antichrist and the True King Jesus


Sermon Summary


April 26, 2020

Shawn Stinson





Primary: Daniel 11


1. God raises up kingdoms and leaders as He pleases (vs. 1-21)

2. Even evil, wicked rulers serve God’s purposes (vs. 22-35)

3. Temporary leaders are only paving the way for the one true King, Jesus (vs. 36-45)


"God is at work, even when He is not named. God's hand is moving."

"Let us not be so blind to think that God's purposes are less than what we see. Even the greatest kings sometimes get mere punctuation in the Bible, but God's plan does not end. God does what He does, He uses who He uses."

"The goal is not perfection, it's progress and endurance."

"There is a supernatural, spiritual shaping that God is doing in our hearts through challenge and persecution making us into men and women that are more reflective of Jesus."

"If you're getting encouragement and life from God, do you share that? Yes you must! There are people that need to hear encouragement at this time. If you're bottling it up for yourself, you're missing that God is intending that to go through you."

"In that moment, was God not shaping me for His good?"

"Every political leader, business leader, church leader, pales in comparison to the glory of King Jesus."


  1. How have you seen chronological snobbery affect people’s assessment of current world conditions? 
  2. How does a macro view of God’s kingdom and activity help us in the smaller changes of life?
  3. How does Jesus as King differ in his leadership than worldly leaders? Of the 5 action points to finish the sermon, which one is most needed in your life? (Trust, repent, guard, seek, welcome)


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