Daniel: The Christian Virtue No One Really Wants

Sermon Summary

March 1, 2020

Shawn Stinson



Primary: Daniel: 4



  • Intro: Humility and Conviction
  • Nebuchadnezzar’s transformation from religious arrogance to humble worship
  • God disrupts our comfort
  • Daniel has empathy and authority to speak into the king’s dream
  • Nebuchadnezzar’s pride causes destruction and loss of the kingdom
  • God grants him repentance and restores the kingdom


"Not speaking truth is actually more rooted in pride than humility."

"Am I putting my attention to God or are my eyes on my own kingdom?"

"Every decision we make is either worship — honoring God, or pride — honoring ourselves."

"Will you honor God in your life or will you build your own Kingdom?"

"Even to the end of your life, God is going after you."

"We can praise the things that God does which is religion, or we can praise the character of who God is, which brings us humility and renewal."

"The character of God drives our humility, If we set our attention on the character of God, we will naturally become more humble."

"For every look at yourself, take ten looks at Christ." -Robert Murray Mccheyne

"The more we're consumed with the things of God, the less room there is for the things of the world."

"My prayer for us is that God would transform us from being religiously arrogant and transforming us into humble worshipers."

Sending Questions

  1. Do you think Nebuchadnezzar’s worship and repentance is genuine?
  2. Where is God asking you to focus more on Him and less on yourself?
  3. How does Daniel display God’s grace and truth to Nebuchadnezzar?
  4. Why does seeing Jesus’s humility transform how we view our life?


  • Whole Heart (Hold Me Now)
  • Rackless Love
  • Come To Me
  • Who You Say I Am