Daniel: Do you Know What God is Doing?


Sermon Summary


April 19, 2020

Shawn Stinson





Primary: Daniel 10


  1. Are we aware of the spiritual world or are we distracted by the present world?
  • Becoming spiritually aware may require using other senses as well
  • God is speaking, are we listening?
  1. Are we willing to put our energy and resources into what is not immediately in front of us?
  • We listen for what we want to hear
  • How do we address/diagnose complacency?
  1. Do we know the promises and reward of a spiritually attentive life?
  • God hears
  • God gives strength
  • We are greatly loved
  • We are given peace
  • We are given earthly insight (vs. 20-21)


"Sometimes we pay more attention to the physical things of the world and not the spiritual things that drive them."

"Spiritual work takes physical energy."

"God is speaking, are we listening?"

"What if we were putting our energy and resources towards the things of the spirit?"

"Shouldn't we be absolutely wrecked that God hears us?"


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