The Problem of Exclusivity


Sermon Summary


April 11, 2021

Pastor Shawn Stinson





John 14:6

Matthew 7:21–27


Objection to religious exclusivity: All religions teach the same thing

People who say that all religions teach the same thing have to consider 2 challenges:
1. Not all religions teach the same thing. Major differences in the character of God. Buddhism does not have a personal God who holds us accountable to a moral standard.

  • Most major religious professionals agree: We are different both in belief and expected human outcome of a good life

2. By saying it’s all the same, doctrine doesn’t matter, ironically is a doctrine and belief about God in itself. Doctrine doesn’t matter, except my belief about doctrine and God, which sounds more accepting, but is in fact equally as exclusive in demeanor

  • “Cheap grace preaches forgiveness without repentance, church membership without church discipline, discipleship without obedience, blessing without persecution, joy without righteousness, results without obedience.” DA Carson

Why does personal Christian character matter in the understanding of exclusivity?

  • Matthew 7:24-27
  • The way we know Jesus, the way we come to him, and the way we walk with him has everything to do with the way outsiders perceive his way in us and shapes how mission moves through us
  • Mark 1:16–18
  • Discipleship and mission are one invitation from Jesus
  • Romans 10:14–15


    "Christianity is inclusive in its exclusivity, it's open to all who would want it."

    "The goal of Jesus's teaching is not to lead you to fear, but to lead you to life."

    "A lot of times, we think we're the man who builds his house on the rock, because we know Jesus. But many times, we're the man who has hurried, wanting the outcome and goodness of God without going through the deep work of building the foundation."

    "The way you know Jesus and connect with Him is the way people will experience Jesus from you."


    If we firmly believe the doctrine of exclusivity:

    • We must seek to continually build into our character and foundation on Jesus
    • We must more strongly hold the doctrine of mission and accountability share Jesus with non-believers