Restoration: Ezra Chapter 5


Sermon Summary


May 22, 2021

Pastor Shawn Stinson





Ezra 5


Obedient to God’s words or people’s words (vs. 1-5)

Prophets spoke the Word and the people responded by rebuilding the house of God

  • 4 year time lapse between building start and building inspector questions

The Word reminds us of the providence of God
Old saying of the church Deus Pro Nobis: God for us

“God’s works of providence are, his most holy, wise, and powerful preserving and
governing all his creatures, and all their actions.” - Westminster Shorter Catechism

  1. Powerful and efficient
  2. Universal (natural world, human history, individual human life, human decisions, sin, faith and salvation, future redemption)
  3. Governmental
  4. Preservation

Responding to questions and opposition with wisdom (vs. 6-17)

Application for today

1. We must learn to be more attentive to the words of God than the words of people
2. We must believe fully in the providence of God in all situations
3. We must be unified in the work of God among us in the church
4. We must give accurate and confident testimony to why we live as we do


"We have so many things on our to do list that we are not attentive to the voice of God."

"When reading a book of the bible,  several years can unfold between the first and last chapter. We get a time lapsed view of the Bible, and we think 'why don't things happen fast enough for me?"

"We work in outcomes, God works in the process."

"We shouldn't just pray 'Lord change the world for the better', but 'Lord what can you change in me to better the world?'"