Faith & Riches


Sermon Summary


May 21, 2017

Pastor Shawn







James 1:9-11, Luke 6:20, 24




Ironic Reversal of Expectations


Poor man boasts in his exaltation

  • Don’t boast of your riches, boast of your value and worth in Christ


Dangers/Snares of riches:

  • Prone to selfishness
  • Inflated view of your work, value, contribution to the world
  • Tendency to use money to fix things


How does the Bible speak to these things?

  • Boast in your humilitation
  • Trust the glory of God in the gifts of the body
  • Trust prayer more than your checkbook


What is the Eternal Worldview in Light of Riches?


What happens to the rich man, when he realizes that everything that passed through his hands, first passed through the hands of the Father, God the creator and sustainer?


If you are a wealthy person, this is a wake up call to consider God’s kindness that you are hearing His word and have the opportunity to respond in faith and not arrogance.


To the Poor and the Rich Christian


If you are poor...

  • Remember the riches of Christ, and the promise of the inheritance
  • If you feel powerless and insignificant now, remember that yours in the kingdom
  • Take pride in the exaltation God will bring to you


If you are rich...

  • Remember the humiliation of Jesus, that he did not grasp for greatness, but emptied himself and gave his life away
  • The riches you may experience now are merely a temporary flower on the side of the road
  • Take pride in your humble place before Him


What will you do with your poverty or your riches? 


Is not the test of wealth the great opportunity to make much of God, or make much of self?




"James is setting our perspective on eternal things. We should boast on the things that can't be taken away from us. That our life is absolutely secure because of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus."


"If you're poor or rich, it is a test and an opportunity for you to show that you love Jesus or you love yourself."


"Success is the anesthesia that keeps us under and keeps us asleep."


"The fear is that the pursuit of success and resources only makes us more sleepy and more unaware of what God's doing. Most of us have bought the lie that once we get to a certain place, we can then do what God's called us to do. God doesn't tell us that in scripture. God says right now, in the present, is your opportunity to exercise faith, to know me, to walk with me and to show others what it looks like to use your resources for my glory."


"Whether we are rich or poor the gospel levels us to look at the heart."


"Failure is not durable."


"We can either worship our money and resources or we can worship with our money and resources. The end is ourself or the end is God."


Call to Action


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