Faith & Wisdom


Sermon Summary


May 14, 2017

Pastor Shawn







James 1:5-8, Proverbs 8:32-36, Hebrews 6:19-20




What is wisdom?

  • Wisdom is the means by which the godly can both discern and carry out the will of God.
  • More about disposition/attitude than clichés/knowledge.


Wisdom in the Bible

  • In wisdom God created the world (Prov. 8) 
  • Jesus promises wisdom to disciples when the come against adversaries (Luke 21:15)
  • Wisdom calls out for people to learn from her (Prov. 1) 
  • Like a wise man who built his house on the rock (Matt. 7:24) 


How does God give wisdom? 

  • Start with God
  • We pursue worldly knowledge instead of Godly wisdom
  • Humility over Pride
  • Do you lack? Ask.
    • Prayer should be our first response: We will be a praying church
  • God gives generously
    • Simple, undivided: Pouring it out
  • God gives without finding fault, not based on our life, success, or lack thereof
    • Non-discriminatory
    • There is no qualifier by which God gives wisdom. There is no prerequisite, no barrier for the person to receive


God does not discriminate WHO he generously gives wisdom to, but he does discriminate on HOW we are to receive it.


What is the opposite of wisdom sourced from faith? (James 1:6-8)

  • The person who doubts is unanchored. There is nothing tying them down in a raging storm of the sea, they will take the shape of the tide, moving as the wind moves.
  • God doesn’t want our faith to be divided, with most allegiance to Him, and some in other places. He is calling us to put our full faith in Him




"God wants so much more for our lives in faith than what we want for ourselves."


"Wisdom is the means by which the godly can discren and carry out the will of God. Wisdom is not about knowledge or education, it's about acting in the godliness God has already given us in Jesus."


"Wisdom isn't about learning, it's about action."


"You will find widsom in humility when we go to God first and trust less in ourselves."


"Wisdom is both hearing and doing. It is action birthed from understanding."


"Doubt is a very regular part of a person who has faith, the doubt that James is talking about is a consistent mistrust in the character and goodness of God."


"The word priority was always meant to mean just one thing, we've made it into a priority list. If your priority is Jesus, you cannot be comprised into accepting other things that aren't Jesus."


"Small compromises lead to major setbacks and leads to a pattern of rationalization."


"Faith is the root, wisdom is the fruit."


Sending Question


Where have you divided your allegiances with God the father?






Jesus Paid it All


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