Daniel: Faith or Fear?


Sermon Summary


March 8, 2020

Shawn Stinson







Primary: Daniel: 6

Supporting: John 16:33,  1 Peter 4:12–13




  • Are we controlled by fear or by God?
  • If we are controlled by faith, we MAY suffer loss we WILL suffer persecution
  • Our God is able to save physically and eternally
  • God always ends up glorious and victorious




"We can choose to live in fear or faith."


"A circumstance only exposes the cracks in our foundation."


"God is alive and God is able."


"We must pray al the time with expectation."



Sending Questions


  1. Where do you see fear and not faith driving the world around you?
  2. Where do you see fear driving your own internal struggle?
  3. How do you have opportunity to pray and be publicly  like Daniel in the face of persecution?
  4. Why does Daniel foreshadow and echo the death and resurrection of Jesus?
  5. How does this understanding of the Gospel empower our new life in Christ?



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