Fruit of The Spirit: Faithfulness

Sermon Summary

February 21, 2021

Pastor Brandon Holmes





    Primary: Galatians 5:22-23

    Secondary:  Galatians 5; John 2:24Exodus 34:6; Isaiah 26:3-4; 2 Timothy 2:11-13; Hebrews 11:6




    • Jesus shows us
      • What faithfulness is to the Father by fully believing in His perfect will in faith and obedience and,
      • What faithfulness is to man by being an example of trustworthiness to all men all the way unto death - becoming our salvation. Jesus' faithfulness resulted in our salvation we have today!
    • Remember heroes of the faith who fully believed in God's character and promises: Noah built an ark, Abraham trusted he'd be given a son, Moses threatened Pharoah, David boldly fought a giant and his enemy army, Paul endured years of suffering, Hannah and Mary trusted in the promises and will of God
    • We must live by the Spirit, in step with the Spirit so that we may cultivate a life of faithfulness. For we cannot be faithful to God or man (spouse, kids, neighbors, co-workers, etc) by the strength of our flesh alone.




    How does our life give witness to the trustworthiness of God?





    "God is called faithful so many times in the Bible."


    "You cannot be faithful by yourself, we must live by the Spirit and step with the spirit to do that."


    "God alone is faithful, he is how we understand what faithfulness is."


    "God's faithfulness is not disrupted by our lack of faithfulness."


    "When you're at a place where you don't think you can go any farther, do you believe God can change your situation?"


    "I may not be approaching giants, I may not be taking out an army, but I know God wants to still use me fully."


    "Inherently faithfulness exists and is valued simply because the opposite also exists in our broken and offensive world. If there wasn’t infidelity, if everyone was trustworthy, if people only spoke truth and not lies, if every spouse was steadfast and not one child experienced a broken promise from their parent, if all friendships practiced true loyalty, and if the people of God (you and me) actually practiced faithfulness towards God as He has been faithful toward us. Then the Spirit of God wouldn’t need to empower us in this godly trait at all. But instead, we live in a broken world with broken promises and broken character. None of us is trustworthy within ourselves and so we must, we must cultivate faithfulness by living in step with the Spirit. In our flesh, on our own, we are incapable."