God Guards

Sermon Summary

September 17, 2017

Pastor Shawn



Joshua 2:1-24; Exodus 15:15; Numbers 13:27-29; Genesis 12:3


  • Introduction: Framework for integrating truth of the Bible into our lives
  • Joshua sends spies (vs. 1)
  • House of Rahab (vs. 2-7)
  • Confession of Rahab (vs. 8-13)
  • Assurance of Rahab (vs. 14-21)
  • Spies return (vs. 22-24)


“She [Rahab] hears of the truth of God, her heart believes it, her soul loves it, and she acts on that in both confession and action to serve God’s people and advance their cause and get into the land.”

“When we align ourselves with God’s will it goes well. When we go on our own circumstances it will not.”

“There is great risk in living fully in faith.”

“Believing in our heads that God saves the world is not enough to transform our hearts and lives enough to make an appreciable transformational dent in the community around us. We need to in our souls experience God. He guards, He protects, He loves us. And He wants us to experience His goodness through faith.”

Sending Questions

  1. What do we learn about God through Rahab, a foreign woman receiving salvation through faith?
  2. Where do you feel the risk of faith?
  3. What theological truth do I know in my head that I need to experience in my soul?
  4. Use these questions with each other this week as a walk through for a truth about God: Do I know this (head)? Do I believe this (heart)? Do I love this (soul)? How will I do this (hands)?


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