Daniel: Godly Living in an Ambiguous World


Sermon Summary


May 3, 2020

Shawn Stinson





Primary: Daniel 12


5 Promises and 5 Practices of Daniel 12

Promise 1: God protects and delivers (vs. 1)
Practice 1: Be ready for physical and spiritual trouble and persecution

Promise 2: God resurrects (vs. 2, 10)
Practice 2: Repent of sin and wickedness

Promise 3: God rewards our kingdom work (vs. 3)
Practice 3: Tell people about Jesus

Promise 4: God reveals knowledge and understanding (vs. 4)
Practice 4: Consume the Bible

Promise 5: God will bring all things to perfect completion (vs. 5-13)
Practice 5: Trust God’s plan, timing, knowledge


"We are visiting here, going there."

"The deeper question is not 'what is God doing?" But, 'what is God like?'"

"What if God was drawing us with His actions into His presences?"

"The work of God is to tell people about Jesus."

"Instead of reacting sinfully to sin, what if we reacted with grace and mercy?"

"The word is empathy. Not just knowing what people are going through, but feeling the pain and disappointment with them and walking with them to the presence of God. This my friends is what we call Showing our City Jesus. It's about walking with people."

"It is at our weakest most fragile moment that God does not let us fail."

"When you can't see the action of God, you must seek the presence of God."


  1. Where do you face the most challenge to living a godly life in the face of persecution and suffering?
  2. How does understanding that God resurrects drive us to repentance?
  3. How has waiting and suffering helped you experience God’s presence and know his character?
  4. Why does seeing people as immortal souls shape and empower evangelism?


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