Does Hell Exist


Sermon Summary


March 28, 2021

Pastor Shawn Stinson





Intellectual problem vs. emotional problem

Intellectual: Why would God send people to Hell?
Emotional: My friend died earlier this year and he wasn’t a Christian, God can’t be good.

  • God of judgment doesn’t exist
  • God is love, He doesn’t judge
    • Lack of judgment is a lack of love
    • If someone is hurting you child and you stand by, are you being loving?
  • God wouldn’t allow Hell
    • Is there anything wrong with anything?
    • Do you think anyone should receive eternal punishment for there earthly actions?

  • What then should we do?
    • We need to believe the gospel
    • And we need to preach and share the gospel
    • Romans 10:9–15


"You can't understand the fullness of God's love without understanding the great sin and gravity and evil that He overcame in the resurrection."

"To ignore Hell is to ignore the actual love of God."

"We've brought God down to our level, God's just a 'better version of us.'"

"The reason most Christians bock at the understanding of Hell and Heaven is because most Christians don't live like there's a heaven and a hell to go to."

"We believe evil should be dealt with and that bad people should go to Hell, we just don't believe we're all that bad or are friends are all that bad."

"The American Church has greatly presumed the grace of God."

"The greater news of the gospel is not that God wants to send people to Hell, it's that He died for His enemies."

"God isn't going to send you to heaven if you're not interested in going."

"If I live my life like I'm living for now and not living for the Kingdom of God, I'm shortsighted."

"If we are about the work of Jesus, we need to believe the gospel ourselves and preach the gospel to others."