Sermon Summary

September 22, 2019

Shawn Stinson



Primary: Pslam 131

Secondary: Philippians 2:3–8Philippians 4:11–13


  • Intro: How do we find contentedness?
  • What makes us discontent?
    • Being controlled by emotions/feelings 
    • Being controlled by aspirations
    • Being controlled by future speculation
  • Calming and quieting the soul
  • Waiting on the Lord and the way of Jesus


"Your passions have no limit to what they will take from you."

"When we replace God's scripture with our own agenda, we find ourselves overestimating our value, underestimating the worth of others and ultimately overreaching our capacity to do good in the world."

"Inaction in the right things is just as dangerous as action in the wrong things."

“It is a blasphemous anxiety to do God’s work for Him." -Eugene Peterson

"When we calm and quiet our soul, we begin to experience the Father not just for what He gives us, but for who He is."

"Being busy but not productive is not healthy."

"The church is a group of witnesses, not a group of workers."

"The way of Jesus is not about grasping victory, the way of Jesus is humbly submitting."

"What if the kingdom of God was about a people who were content with what God had done and didn't demand beyond what He had given?"

Sending Questions

  1. Where do you see the most discontent in the world today?
  2. Which part of the first two verses resonates most with you about being controlled by other things?
  3. How can you pursue the way of Jesus this week?


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