Daniel: Indomitable Hope in God

Sermon Summary

March 29, 2020

Brandon Holmes





Primary: Daniel: 8

Supporting: 2 Timothy 2:7Isaiah 50:7




How can we be God's people truly?


Summary of Daniel's vision

Daniel has a vision of events 400 years to come. The two horns represent two kingdoms, and King Cyrus will become unstoppable. But then a goat comes along which represents Alexander the Great who wipes out King Cyrus and the Persian empire and now he looks to be unstoppable, but soon enough his power comes to an end too, and out of him come four kingdoms. And one of these kingdoms will wreak havoc on God's people. But soon enough, he is wiped out and killed too. Daniel awakes and his first thought is to go to God for understanding.


Angel Gabriel interprets vision for Daniel. After Daniel hears it, he gets overwhelmed about what will happen to God's people. But then he picks himself up and keeps going.


3 Things About Daniel's Character Christians Can Model


  1. Daniel seeks after and receives understanding
  2. Daniel has great boldness and resolve in the face of danger
  3. Daniel bears witness




"When we don't understand something, when we are anxious, do we go to God for understanding?"


"God has promised in His Word as we seek Gim and Gis spirit that Ge will give us an understanding a wisdom and a knowledge that this world does not know."


"When everyone is moving about frantically, we can have peace because we understand that this is part of God's greater plan."


"We must look toward the Lord always and not change our ways, but continue to come after Him."


"You don't have to be charismatic, you don't have to be an apologist, you just have to say Christ is Lord and He's in control."


"You may not have all the answers but you understand the character of God."


"Even after Covid-19 is over and hopefully cured we will come upon the next set of things, who are we bearing witness to?


Sending Questions


  1. So much of Daniel 8 emphasizes that God knows the future. How should that truth effect our daily lives (now)? 
  2. Why do you think it was necessary and helpful for God to reveal the coming kingdoms to the people of Israel?
  3. Name some examples of how understanding (God's divine revelation given to his people) can benefit the world here and now? (Leaders, yes allow for conversation about Coronavirus, but also encourage examples elsewhere too)
  4. Name 5 concrete ways that you and the church can seek understanding from God this week?
  5. Where, apart from God, do we seek understanding (ie. news sources, 1st hand accounts, social media, self...)? Why do we tend to seek understanding elsewhere and use God as a secondary or even last-place source?
  6. Name a handful of ways you can bear witness this week. What would you want to tell others about God and his kingdom if fear did not play a factor? 



  • Practice the spiritual discipline of silence and solitude as well as Scripture this week. Write down some things you desire God to give you understanding for. Then spend time reading and listening to Him. 
  • Hold each other accountable and by week's end share your experience of bearing witness to someone else. It can be a family member who needs to be reminded of God's goodness and promises, it can be a grocery bagger who you simply tell "I believe God is good and he's in control in all this chaos", or it can be a neighbor whom you ask to pray for (in person) when blessing them with good health and protection in Jesus' name.




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