Is the Church More Helpful or Harmful?

Sermon Summary

April 18, 2021

Pastor Shawn Stinson






Matthew 16:13–20




Common objections to religion or church:

  • Violence and harm done by the church corporate or individual (crusades, harsh stands against human dignity)
  • Hypocrisy and moral dis-integrity
  • Personal experience with a church or people in a church that has done harm or created division over friendship
  • Dogmatism and staunch beliefs, fanatical claims and people


1. Jesus speaks about the church in the context of ample religious options and
disagreement in Caesarea (vs. 13)
2. Jesus asks his disciples to answer who they say he is (vs. 14-15)
3. Peter believes and speaks to Jesus being the living God (vs. 16)
4. Jesus says Peter possesses godly joy in this (vs. 17)
5. Jesus builds a community through this faith and Peter that cannot be destroyed (vs.
6. The church has authority, access, and power (vs. 19-20)




    "Jesus offers a contrast community in the middle of the darkness."


    "The basis of the church is not a moral code, the basis is faith in the resurrection of Jesus."


    "There's a power and a purpose for you to live in this world."


    "The bible condemns religion without the right expression of God."


    "Jesus doesn't want us to live in death, He wants us to die to ourselves that through death we might find real life."


    Sending Question


    What does it mean for me to experience the joy of salvation?