Jesus Breaks Through Barriers

Sermon Summary

September 27, 2020

Shawn Stinson





John 4: 7-42: The Woman at The Well




Who is Jesus?
Jesus breaks through barriers.

What is He asking of us?

Testify on what He has done.


  • Intro: Community renewal starts with us knowing how God sees us
  • Jesus breaks through demographic differences
  • Jesus breaks through personal spiritual boundaries
    • Three areas of pushback in working on our heart issues
      • Avoidance
      • Refocus on theological issues instead of the heart
      • Passivity in waiting to see what happens
  • Like the Samaritan woman, we also must testify to others about who Jesus is




"If we only exist in our mind and we never allow the truth of our minds to saturateour hearts, then the truths of God are just ideas. But if they're true and good, then they're substance and sink into our souls."


"The most powerful way to learn is  to experience."


"If we want to seek community renewal, we have to go places with God in our souls that we have previously been unwilling to go."


"We have to see how Jesus sees us even in the worst moment of our life."


"Jesus loves you as you are but He doesn't want to leave you as you are."