Jesus Divides


Sermon Summary


October 18th, 2020

Pastor Shawn Stinson





John 7:1-52


Who is Jesus?
Jesus Divides

What is He asking of us?

We must live by the Spirit

  • Jesus divides from his brothers and the world’s expectations of him (vs. 1-9)
  • Jesus divides from the Jewish teachings (vs. 10-19)
  • Jesus divides from the crowd and teachers(vs. 20-36)
  • Jesus calls us to live by the Spirit (vs 37-39)

Applications: How do we live by the Spirit?

1. We are sustained, supplied, given life through Jesus
2. We are cleansed through the work of Jesus
3. Not looking at the externals, but looking at the heart
4. Relying on the Word of God, not the intuition of man
5. Following the leading of God


"The nature of love requires division. (Ex: If I love my wide, I'm dividing my love from other women.)"

"His time will come up not in power, not in politics, but on a cross."

"If you're aligned with the agenda and purpose of God, you will come against the purpose of the world"

"Jesus is separating us from a life of religious ritual to a life of relationship and enjoyment with Him."

"We are in a time of desert, we must live by the spirit to be sustained."

"What is it you must divide from?"

"If your heart isn't engaged in the life of Jesus, the externals won't matter."

"Living by the spirit is not following what you feel is best."