Jesus Feeds


Sermon Summary


October 11th, 2020

Pastor Shawn Stinson





John 6: 1-66


Who is Jesus?
Jesus Feeds

What is He asking of us?

We must feast

1. Are we spiritually feeding on what will truly satisfy us?
2. Jesus feeds the multitudes (6:1-15)
3. Jesus teaches the crowds about eternal life and spiritual nourishment
4. Faith gives us eternal security with Jesus
5. Faith gives us present nourishment in our walk with Jesus

1. Decide on an input and habit to start today that you would regularly feed on Jesus
2. Moving through the Gospel of John at breakneck speed, sit down with the Word this
week and feast with others
3. Remember the food of the Father is for all, not just for us


"How many of us are dehydrated in the Word of God and trying to still run the endurance race of life?"

"Are you feeding on what satisfies you?"

"When we worship God first, He amply fills our souls with what we need."

"When we are attentive to God, it transforms everything about our life."

"We want the reward of God not the relationship."

"We must rely fully on God for food."

"If you're not daily connecting with God, you will get weary."