Jesus Has Authority


Sermon Summary


October 4th, 2020

Shawn Stinson





John 5:1-20


Who is Jesus?
Jesus has authority.

What is He asking of us?

We must submit to Him in obedience.

  • Jesus has authority over the physical body
  • Jesus finds the broken and hurting
  • Jesus has authority over the religious structures
  • Questions for us today:
    • Do we want to be healed?
    • Do we want to see God’s healing in others?


"Jesus makes a practice of being among the people."

"All of us want to be healed, not all of us want to be changed."

"If Jesus isn’t a part of our relationships, our relationships will grow complacent."

"As Jesus speaks, we must listen."

"Our behavior doesn’t always model Jesus’s authority, it models our independence and push back from the Father."

"The reason John includes this story in the Bible is not just to highlight Jesus's authority over the physical body, but to highlight His authority over religious and worldly institutions."

"Jesus has glory and authority whether He heals or not."

"If we want to follow Jesus, our eyes have to be on the Father like Jesus's eyes were on the Father."

"Where you think Jesus might be independent, He models for us His dependence on the Father."

"A lot of times, we grudgingly despise the fences God sets up for our good."