Jesus Heals


Sermon Summary


November 1st, 2020

Pastor Shawn Stinson





John 9


Who is Jesus?

Jesus is healer.

What is He asking of us?

We must be obedient to Him.

  • John 9:1-41
    1. Jesus heals us in our suffering
    2. Jesus asks us to be obedient to Him
    3. The blind man testifies to the work of Jesus


  • Jesus wants to heal us. He has authority, power, and willingness to do so
    • Where has Jesus healed you that you have been disobedient to follow him?
  • We must give our witness and testimony to the work of Jesus in our life
    • How do you give witness to Jesus to people around you?


“The mark of a true Christian is not defensive dogmatism, it is humble faith.”