Jesus Our Source of Strength


Sermon Summary


December 7th, 2020

Pastor Shawn Stinson







John 15:5




Who is Jesus?

Jesus is the Vine.

What is He asking of us?

We must abide in Him and in His love


1. Jesus is the source of our life
2. Remaining in Him creates spiritual fruit in our life
3. Not remaining in Him does not yield anything of eternal significance
4. Remaining in Him teaches us to love others unconditionally




"What would change about our lives if we remembered God was with us?"


"2020 has proven that when left to ourselves in isolation, we will not flourish."


"Our spiritual strength comes from being in the presemce of God."


"Let's focus on being less of a spiritual leader and more of a spiritual person and atttentive to who Jesus is."


"Pray the prayer 'Here I am, what will You do'"?