Jesus Unifies


Sermon Summary


December 13th, 2020

Pastor Shawn Stinson





John 17


Who is Jesus?

Jesus Unifies

What is He asking of us?

We must have joyful faith and not cynical disbelief.

  • Intro: Moving from information to inspiration to transformation to collaboration
  • Jesus prays for himself
  • Jesus prays for his disciples
    • Keep them in your name that they may be one
    • That his words would make their joy full
    • That they are protected from the evil one
  • Jesus prays for the church


"When reading the Bible, it's not just about learning in our minds, it's about being inspired and transformed and allowing that transformation to move into our communities."

"What if God has us in this season not just to get through it, but to purposely pray and transform?"

"Jesus isn't praying for relief from the discomfort, He's praying for a faithful response in the discomfort."

"It's all about your experience in the waiting. You can wait in frustration or you can wait in patience and expectation."