Fruit of The Spirit: Joy


Sermon Summary


January 17, 2021

Pastor Shawn Stinson





    Galatians 5:22-23


    Intro to Joy:

    • Joy does not dismiss negative emotions or minimizing hard circumstances
    • 1 Thess. 5:16-18 Rejoice, pray, give thanks
    • Start with God and not with circumstance
    • Out of our relationship with God overflows Christian character

    Joy definition:Joy is an expectation of the goodness of God in presence and


    What kills joy?

    • Sin
    • Attitude
      • Misplaced confidence in something other than God
      • (career, family, success, even beauty)
      • Phil. 3:1, 4:4
    • God’s discipline
    • Trials

    What creates joy?

    • Fear of God (How we see God)
      • Awe, amazement, wonder at the beauty and character of God
      • Acts 9:31
    • Love of God (How God sees us)
      • Unconditional love of God is not changed based on our spiritual ups and down and moral success and failure
    • Desire for God is created when fear of God and love of God are lived


    "The promise of scripture is we will have the fullness of joy in the presence of God."

    "Joy is not an emotion only, joy is a conviction that through all things you can expect the goodness and the action of God."

    "Joy doesn't dismiss sorrow."

    "Sin is the lie and temptation that we can find joy outside of God."

    "Joy is expecting the goodness of God in the midst of trial."

    "Even in the discipline of God, good things will come out of it. Maybe God has us in this season because he wants us there. Not because he wants us to stay in trial, but he doesn't want us to miss what could happen through it."

    "Trials are a tool for us to exercise our faith."

    "Jesus went through the greatest trial ever in joy. It wasn't personal happiness he was experiencing at the time, it was the promise of God's eventual work. I can endure this trial because God is doing something greater through this."

    "If we knew the overwhelming love of the Father we would be amazed."

    Practical Application

    1. Go to Jesus as evidence of the fear of God and love of God displayed on the cross
    2. Scripture is not a resource but a life source
    3. Community shares and catalyzes faith as we witness and see the work of God in each other