Knowing God's Immeasurable Power Now


Sermon Summary


March 24, 2019

Shawn Stinson







Ephesians 3:20–21




  • Intro
    • Can we expand our imaginations to dream of the possibilities of God?
  • Who?
    • To Him.
  • What?
    • He is able.
  • How much?
    • More than we can ask or think
  • How?
    • Holy Spirit power
  • Where?
    • In the church and in Christ Jesus
  • How long?
    • Forever


Sending Questions


  • What is the difference between worship that is for our benefit and worship that is for God’s glory?
  • What makes it challenging to believe God can keep us pure and blameless?
  • Where can you believe that God wants to do something beyond your ability to ask?
  • What do you need to repent of, in order to start towards the process of holiness?




Lord I Need You

Great Are You Lord

How Can It Be

Living Hope

Broken Vessels