Knowing God's Radical Inclusion


Sermon Summary


March 3, 2019

Shawn Stinson




*Due to a technical error, video cuts off towrads the end of sermon. Pick it up again via the Sound Cloud link below at the 30 minute mark.


Ephesians 3: 1-7 (primary) Acts 16 (secondary)


  • Paul’s calling 
    • Grace from God, to him, for us
  • Paul’s lifestyle
    • Ethnically diverse traveling group
    • God's spirit leads us where He is working (Conversion of Lydia, Slave girl, Philippian jailer)
  • Application for us
    • Grow where you're planted.


"I don't want to know what you believe unless you're willing to live it."

"God intended for us not to speak truth but to live that truth."

"The true nature of God is He loves us, and He's good, and He's got a plan and purpose to where we are."

"Grow where you're planted."

"There's this lie that says if you're only going to be in a place for a certain amount of time, you shouldn't put roots down, the uproot may be painful.  But if you never put down roots where you are, your roots will never go deep. If you do leave, yes you may have to cut out some of th e roots on the way, but you'll see the depth and the work that God has done."

Sending Questions

  1. Where do I fit in the metanarrative of the Gospel’s work in the world?
  2. What are my gifts for this world?
  3. Where do I see the greatest work of redemption in my life?
  4. What are some of the struggles you have walked through with Jesus?
  5. Where is the Gospel most needed to teach you in your life?
  6. Where is God directing me?
  7. What does the world need?


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