Daniel: Learning How To Pray To a Great and Awesome God


Sermon Summary


April 5, 2020

Billy Roosenberg





Primary: Daniel: 9

Supporting:1 Corinthians 12:12-13James 5:16


  • Prayer in Scripture
  • Prayer in Confession (Repentance and Adoration)
  • Prayer in Community (Intercession and Unity as the People of God)
  • God's Response


"God's pursuit of the Isrealites was not so they would be perfect in and of themselves, it was so they would know God and know their need for Him."

"How do we spend our prayer time? Are we really revealing the most intimate parts of who we are to God or are we treating God as a routine?"

"God has a plan for Daniel, He has a plan for His people, and He has a plan for us."

"In scripture you can't find an instance where God's purposes were not accomplished irrespective of the prayers of His people. The two go together."

"If we're God's people and we're not praying, how do we expect God to move in significant ways?"

Sending Questions

  1. Have you experienced this connection in your own life between studying scripture as an active pursuit to understand and trust in God’s promises with a fervency in your own prayer life?  
  2. What does your prayer life reveal about you? 


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