Living Hope

"There's nothing worth more

That could ever come close

No thing can compare

You're our living hope

Your presence, Lord

I've tasted and seen

Of the sweetest of loves

Where my heart becomes free

And my shame is undone

Your presence, Lord

Holy Spirit, You are welcome here

Come flood this place and fill the atmosphere

Your glory, God, is what our hearts long for

To be overcome by Your presence, Lord

Your presence, Lord

Let us become more aware of Your presence

Let us experience the glory of Your goodness."

Do you start each day welcoming the Holy Spirit into your life? I must admit I am not consistent about it but on days where I set aside time to just pray and welcome Him into every crevice of what lies ahead of me, everything is different. There was a season of my life recently where God brought me to my knees and said, “Walk with me and trust in the Spirit.” So I did, and it has completely changed my perspective on the role the Holy Spirit plays in my life.


Not so long ago, I found myself seven months pregnant with our first child and undergoing more stress then I had ever faced before. Those nine months of stressful life situations and the responsibility of carrying a child made literally everything else in my life seem so incredibly unimportant. It was mid-November and there was a ton going on! We had recently moved into our new home, in the process of closing on our old home, days away from traveling to Florida for my sister’s wedding, juggling work, figuring out pregnancy, and preparing my heart and home for a new addition to our family. In the midst of everything, my husband Tyler seemed to get increasingly tired. It got worse and worse, resulting in him unable to get out of bed. I remember going to church by myself one Sunday morning praying that God would help Tyler get out of bed so he could help me and my growing belly get our house put together. I got home from church and helped Tyler stand up when all of a sudden he passed out and was unconscious for what seemed like an eternity. I remember sitting on the ground sobbing, holding Tyler’s head in my hands and asking God for help. I had never felt so alone or lost in my life. After some time recuperating and regaining consciousness we got in the car and went to, what would unfortunately become an all too familiar place, the Emergency Room. After running numerous tests and several bags of fluids, we were informed Tyler had a strange virus that caused him to become severely dehydrated and faint. So they sent us home and said to give it a few days. I knew to my core something more was going on.

A few days came and went and he got worse instead of better. He was passing out almost daily, unable to get out of bed, could not eat, had trouble sleeping, lost a lot of weight in a short period of time etc. We got connected with a primary care physician who we saw several times over the following few weeks. Weeks passed and he still could not identify what was wrong with Tyler, why he continued to get worse, and had reached a point where he had no direction to send us in. I got Tyler in the passenger seat and I drove us straight back to the Emergency Room. They ran more and more tests and found nothing. There was a change in shift and the new doctor was about to release us when he noticed Tyler’s sodium levels were so low he was unable to discharge him due to the risk of having a seizure. His levels eventually stabilized and the doctor recommended we see an Endocrinologist. Sounds easy right? It wasn’t! I called almost every doctor in town only to be told they weren’t accepting new patients for another 3 months. I sat in bed and rolled over away from Tyler put my hand on the little kicks keeping me awake and prayed and prayed and prayed that God would lead us to an answer and help Tyler.


I woke up the next day and asked the Holy Spirit to walk along side me and steer me because I felt once again lost and alone. God nudged me to do something that is very difficult for the “fix-it” minded woman and inspired me to send an email out to our community group to ask for prayer. Prayers were heard, meals were made, and loneliness dissolved. Later that afternoon on my way home from work I felt inclined to return to the Emergency Room. I walked in and begged them to help me get Tyler into an Endocrinologist. A very nice nurse informed me there really wasn't much they could do to help. The same sleepless night occurred and the same invitation of the Holy Spirit was prayed on my way to work the next morning. “Holy Spirit” was playing on my Spotify station and I cried my eyes out listening to the words and then yelling the words, “you’re our living hope”. I got home from work to find out that an Endocrinologist’s office had called Tyler informing him that they had reviewed his charts and the doctor had decided to come in on his day off to see Tyler. I was so incredibly nervous driving to the office the next day. I was filled with fear that he would see Tyler, ask some questions, run some tests, and everything would be inconclusive again. I was singing Holy Spirit in my head asking him to be with me and to calm me and be my living hope, and he did. We got to the doctor and met the man God used to save my husband’s life. Before running any tests he knew that Tyler had Addison’s disease and put him on medication that improved his condition within three days. Addison’s is a very rare autoimmune disease which was responsible for every strange symptom Tyler had been experiencing over the past two months. The doctor called back a few days later to confirm his diagnosis after reviewing the blood work. He informed us that Tyler’s adrenal glands were failing rapidly and that he could have died if he had gone much longer undiagnosed and unmedicated. My heart sank and I experienced a moment of frustration towards all the doctors who hadn't taken Tyler’s case seriously. Then I stopped dead in my tracks and realized God had used the Holy Spirit and directed me in every way to get us to this moment.

Tyler got better and was restored to full health after a few weeks and I can truly say I have never been filled with such joy before. Typically I would have been stressed about the money we would need to pay for the healthcare expenses or how far behind we were on the nursery, our house, etc. I even would have remained bitter at the doctors that missed all of the signs. Instead I was grateful, happy, and even calm amidst the impending arrival of our son. We decided to name our son Theodore, which in Greek translates to gift from God. The gift of a healthy son and husband is more than I could have ever asked for or wanted.

I am certain it was the Holy Spirit at work in me which kept me crawling back to the Lord for peace in the midst of a situation filled with chaos.

I am confident it was dwelling in His presence that kept my baby safe from the stress my body was dealing with. It was the Lord’s use of the Holy Spirit which directed me to eventually finding the Endocrinologist who didn't hesitate and prescribed Tyler with a treatment plan before science confirmed a diagnosis.  I am certain that when we invite the Holy Spirit in, He works. He calms our fears and directs us to Jesus. Friends, I encourage you to play this song on repeat and be reminded to call on the Holy Spirit daily and know that through Christ we have no limits because the Holy Spirit is working in us.


Hannah Gates has been attending Redmption for three years and helps lead the worship team in song. She and her husband Tyler attend the South Park Community Group and have one son, Theodore.