New Fall Series: The Gospel of Joshua


We are excited about reading the book of Joshua together this fall in our sermon series called the Gospel in Joshua: Seeing Christ in the Old Testament promises.  We are committed to teaching the whole of Scripture and there are three particular things that will be helpful for you in this book.

First, Joshua is a leader who steps into a new larger role. He has been an assistant to Moses, and is charged with leading God’s people into the promised land. While he had supported Moses well, this is his first experience in direct leadership.  As such, you may feel a lot like Joshua, young and ready to lead, ready to act, and take responsibility from the men and women who have gone before. I think we can learn a lot from Joshua’s faith and his mistakes in our faith journey.

Second, I get a lot of questions about reading the Old Testament, and understanding how Jesus fits with the Old Testament. How should we read OT texts? Is it possible for me to understand and apply the OT to my life? Joshua’s name means (Yahweh) God saves, and we will see God’s promise of salvation extending through the book, ultimately leading to Jesus.

Thirdly, we want you to have Gospel fluency. This might be an odd place to start, since texts like Romans and Galatians might have more explicit Gospel truth. 

But the hope is to see God’s plan of Redemption and salvation in every moment.

We want you to be confident in how you understand the Gospel for every area of your life, and confident in your ability to share the Gospel, good news, with others. The book of Joshua is great in that it reminds us how the whole narrative of Scripture points us to the good news of Jesus as Savior and Redeemer.

-Pastor Shawn