Our Blog Vision

Welcome to the new Redemption Blog. For the last year we have been dreaming about producing, curating and sharing great content online and we are so excited to officially launch it to you today.

There are two main reasons we are expanding our website and blog: voices and vision.

The greatest assets to Redemption Church are the people. The men and women who serve, teach, shepherd, and lead. Our strength is in the hearts of the men and women who care for the body of Redemption, our rising generation of leaders, the ministry team leaders, community group and pod leaders. Our strength is the symphony of voices that collectively form the family of Redemption Church.

As one of your pastors, I get to see the power of those voices day-to-day. I hear the conviction for something greater, I listen when those voices get tired and need to be reminded about Jesus. And my fear has always been that too many of those voices don’t get heard by the whole of the church. I can go home encouraged and joyful that God has been merciful and good to us, and yet am I the only one who sees it? We hope you will regularly tune in to hear from men and women just like you who have families, who have jobs, who love Jesus, and who believe there is something greater in this city for them to do.

Secondly, those voices will help shape our vision. I regularly tune in to ESPN for sports news and updates on my teams. As a fan, I may not visit the practice facilities of the team, or even go to a game all season, but I love staying current with what’s happening. What team are we playing next? What is the spread in the division race? When can I watch again? Similarly, there are many different ministries moving and changing each week at Redemption. We want you to know and pray for the development of each of these. How is God working in His people? How can you pray and support the church and how is God using that experience to refine your heart? You may not be in a certain community group, but we want you to hear the story of how God saved and redeemed a marriage. You may not have kids, but we want you to know about exciting new curriculum that is forming and shaping the minds and hearts of the next generation of disciples. Not some random names, but real people­–our people.

The core of Redemption is Jesus. We believe the church is a Word-focused ministry that creates communities of missionaries and city shapers. But that’s just the skeleton. How does it play out? Who is involved? What can I be praying for with my family at the dinner table? And how is God using His people to love, encourage, build and sanctify His people. Our hope is that this site will give you insight into the growing body of Redemption and that God will use it to further shape and refine you.

We also will use this forum to share and teach the things we love: Bible teachings, church planting, and our newest video series #RedemptionStories. Join us as we venture into this next season as a church together!

Pastor Shawn