5 Ways The Church Connects In a Time of Quarantine


As Pastor Shawn was saying on Sunday, “The church was made for times of adversity.” Our hope and prayer is we use this time wisely and for the good of God’s Kingdom. We wanted to share some practical ways how you can stay connected and be a positive presence in a time of great uncertainty and fear.

    Stay Safe, But Don’t Stay Isolated


    There are many ways we can stay connected as a church and with our community during this time. Here are just a few:


    • Call your parents or other older family members, they would love to hear from you.
    • Subscribe to our Weekly email newsletter to stay current on Redemption updates
    • Join our Slack network and specifically join the #alternativechurch channel to see how we’re being the church outside of the church walls
    • Connect with us on social media, but also find time to disconnect and do something that nourishes your soul like spending time in the Word, exercising or connecting with family.
    • Watch Sunday Mornings Live at 9:30 and 11:00am.

    Learn About the Power of Prayer

    We’re asking the church to order A Praying Life by Paul Miller and read a chapter a day. The chapters are very short, easy to understand and give practical application to how you can not only get better at praying, but how praying can help you get better at living.

    • Set up a weekly phone call with a friend that’s also reading to discuss what you’re learning
    • Plan to attend the book discussion event with the Y staff (date TBD)

    Give Financially 


    We want you to give because you love Jesus, because you know God owns everything, and because giving to God’s kingdom loosens the grip you have on your own kingdom. Giving makes us more like Jesus. Here are a few ways Redemption Church will be stewarding our finances.


    Be Present in Your Community Group 


    We were never meant to do life alone. Even when we can’t physically be together, there are a lot of ways to be intentional with others.


    • If you’re not in a Community Group, now’s a great time to get involved. You can find more info on our groups  here
    • If you are in a Group, now is not the time to take a back seat. It’s even more important to stay intentional and connect with others throughout the week. Make a phone call, send a few texts, participate in Slack conversations. Every group member is an essential piece of the group.
    • Organize a weekly zoom call and discuss what you learned on Sunday as well as check in on one another.
    • Offer to pray with and for each other.

    Be a Great Neighbor


    *Do so while wisely considering safe practices of hygiene and social distancing per CDC Health recommendations. 


    • Renew “Art of Neighboring” efforts learned this fall  
    • Pray for your neighborhood (do a neighborhood prayer walk with those in your CG who live in your neighborhood)
    • Check-in on neighbors who may need supplies or prayer, particularly those who are single parents and elderly
    • Get outside! Be available by hanging out in the front yard.