Redemption Stories: David

Sermon Summary

October 16, 2016

Pastor Shawn Stinson



2 Samuel 11-12,  Pslam 32:1-7,  Psalm 51:1-17


1. Small sins lead to great depravity

2. God’s heart is for your heart, not your correct religious activity

3. If you desire a Godly life, you must strive to live for God daily


"A godly life begins with a Godly minute. You cannot hope to live a Godly life if you’re not willing to confess in a minute. If we dream of living long, fruitful, healthy, God-centered lives, our minutes have to be Godly in themselves."

"Proverbs says only a fool despises rebuke. But the wise man hears and responds." 

“Cut sin off at the root, before it has begun to flower, or else the flower will drop seeds and spread again next season."

"All of us have brokenness in us that can only be healed and made whole through the work of Jesus. If you are breathing, you have sinned and you need Christ."

Sending Questions

1. What do you take from the story of David and Nathan?

2. What is God doing in your heart? What is He revealing to you through this story?

3. Are you able to be rebuked by people around you (spouse, friends, people in your community group)?


  • Always
  • Come ye Sinners, Poor and Needy
  • Mystery
  • A Prayer for Faith
  • Blessed be Your Name