Showing God Through Church Diversity


Sermon Summary


April 7, 2019

Shawn Stinson







Ephesians 4: 7-16




  • Intro: Unity in Diversity; Symphony
  • We all have gifts from Christ
  • Pastors have specific gifts for ministry of the word
  • Pastoral gifts are for equipping the saints for ministry
  • Pastoral gifts are to guard against false teaching
  • Ministry is speaking the truth in love
  • Ministry is growing in the use of your gifts for the church




"Jesus gives us gifts through grace."

"The work of ministry is very simple: It's seeing Jesus at work in your heart and at work in the lives of others."

"At the end of the church, if all we have done is experienced Jesus and helped other people to know the glory and the beauty of Jesus, we have done well."

"We can't grow unless we're growing together."

"God has given us gifts, God has given you a purpose, 'uniquely you'. And when your 'uniquely you' comes to the church, all of us are a symphony to display the glory of Jesus."

'The main action against false teaching is love."

"When we speak the truth in love, speaking the truth causes growth."

Sending Questions

  • Who am I, and what gifts has God given me?
  • Am I healthy, spiritually, and in the use of the gifts?
  • Where am I exercising my gifts for the good of the church?
  • How am I helping other people develop their gifts?


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