Showing God Through Radical Holiness


Sermon Summary


May 5, 2019

Shawn Stinson





Primary: Ephesians: 4:25-5:2


  • Imitating God by loving others through intentional, costly, sacrificial living
  • Fighting sin by creating a lifestyle not conducive for sin to grow (weeds analogy)
  • Put away falsehood and speak truth
  • Don’t steal, but work with your hands for others
  • Don’t speak gossip, but speak for building up
  • Put away anger, and practice kindness and forgiveness
  • Applying costly, sacrificial love to every area of life


"Costly, sacrificial love is the distinguishing mark of a Christian imitating the love of Christ."

"God moves towards us in our sin."

"If we are going to emulate the love of Christ, we are going to emulate costly, sacrificial love in our community."

"Don't just pull the weeds, plant the seeds."

"A healthy community is built on trust and trust is built on truth."

"A Christ community can be deeply flawed and deeply loved."

"What it means to worship God spiritually is to serve others physically."


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