Showing God Through Radical Integrity

Sermon Summary

May 12, 2019

Shawn Stinson





Primary: Ephesians 5:7-14

Secondary: Romans 12:2Philippians 1:9–102 Cor. 4:6Matthew 5:14–16,  1 Peter 2:9




  • Intro: Pursuit of self vs. Giving your self
  • Transformation from being darkness to being light (vs. 7-8a)
  • Walking in the light means discerning what God loves (8b-10)
  • Living in the light means exposing darkness by a radically Christ honoring lifestyle (11-12)
  • Living in the light requires us to fully rely on Jesus, not moral living




"The pursuit of self is missing unless it's found in the pursuit of God,"


"Christianity is not a theory based practice. Christianity, following Jesus, is an experience of pursuing and discerning what God wants."


"The life of Christ is not theory, the life of Jesus is tangible and lived out in neighborhoods, and coffee shops and marriages and friends."


"Can our lives as light impact the darkness of the world around us?"


"A life that follows Jesus exposes the darkness of the world by contrasting against it not necessarily speaking against it."


"What if we stand for the things God loves?"


"The light you have can transform your life and transform the lives of others around you."


"Living according to the light means pointing people to the source of our light, not pointing people to the source of our morality."


Sending Questions


  1. Where do you see the greatest friction between the world’s calling to find yourself, your true identity and the call of Jesus to give up yourself?
  2. What area of your life is requiring the most discernment of what pleases God?
  3. How does walking in the light transform others?




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Reckless Love

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